Why strip in the first place?

If "and…too" stripping constructions are all about reduced or elided conjunctions, why construct them at all –

why not, informally, conjoin for instance DPs and instead of (1) or (2) (from the Wikipedia page on stripping) say or write (3) or (4)?

  1. Susan works at night, and Bill too.
  2. She asked the kids to stay, and the adults too.
  3. Susan and Bill work at night.
  4. She asked the kids and the adults to stay.

Consider these attested examples:

  1. I learn to be Mexican from Toni, Andrea’s mom. And others, too. Aunt Mati, from Mexico City, and Uncle Eddie, who went there to find her. Annetta, who became a world-class baton twirler. And my mom, too, but I don’t think she knows it.
  2. Who most encouraged you as a basketball player?
    Lopez: Probably my older brothers. I’d definitely say them. And my mom, too, just because she had it a lot worse being a swimmer and having to wake up early, swim before school and then swim after school, just miles a day.
  3. Your mom was always taking care of me {and my mom too}.