Sluices on clausal disjunctions

Some sluices are hard to spell out.

In particular, this is the case for clausal disjunctive sluices – sluices licensed by two disjoined clauses:

  1. Either the torsion axle is broken or the spring hangers are jammed up, but which is hard to say.
  2. That they either migrate from, or hibernate in this country, is certain, but which of the two still divides opinion.
  3. Cold/wind, and not a nice day but they are calling for rain OR snow they don't know which.

Consider also a sluice on an indefinite locative adverbial:

  1. Somewhere between Little Rock and Minneapolis will get a good amount of rain or snow. They don't know where yet.

Does this present a problem for the licensing condition proposed by Barros and Kotek (2019) (Ellipsis licensing and redundancy reduction: A focus-based approach) ((8), =(57))?