Adjectival remnants with nominal inflection in trøndsk

There are signs that Middle Norwegian varieties display a minimal nominal, N ellipsis.

In some varieties of Norwegian, adjectival remnants in nominal ellipsis display the definiteness suffixes that are otherwise reserved for the missing nouns, differentiating gender and number:

  1. Nest finest årstia e her. Men kjenn att i gle meig te den finesta❄️
    second finest season is here but feel that I enjoy me to the finest.DEF[F]
    'The second best season is here. But I'm looking forward to the very best (season).'
  2. Synd den kviten er solgt.
    pity the white.DEF[M] is sold
    'Pity that the white one/offroader has been sold.'
  3. Æ ska ha bare dæm småan.
    I shall have only the small.DEF[PL]
    'I'll only have the small ones/railway tracks.'

What might this imply for the size of the ellipsis and its licensing conditions?

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