Since October 2019, Louise McNally and I have been editors-in-chief of Semantics and Pragmatics, a journal of the Linguistic Society of America and the only one of the four main semantics journals to be Diamond Open Access.

Louise McNally

Louise and I strive to sustain the successes achieved by the founding editors, David Beaver and Kai von Fintel, maintaining the exceptional standards set by them for the quality and timeliness of the editorial process.

Here is the tweet of Kai's on the occasion of the transition of the role of editors in chief from him and David to Louise and me.

When you submit a paper to us, one of the associate editors shown below, or Louise or I, signs on to shepherd it, soliciting reviewers, reading it carefully, and eventually – preferably within sixty days – writing a thorough and constructive letter of decision to you, informed by the reviews and approved by the whole editorial team.

There are two key words here, sixty and informed. Sixty: It is our ambition that you should not have to wait for a decision for more than that number of days. Informed: It is likewise our policy to form a well-considered and comprehensive opinion of your submission and to communicate this opinion to you in a clear and helpful way.

Kristen Syrett, Judith Degen, Anthony Gillies, Hazel Pearson, Elin McCready, Chris Barker, Judith Tonhauser, Malte Willer, Mandy Simons

In other words, we are hands-on and do not hide behind reviewers and publishers' officers; a letter like this will not be coming from us: