Kjell Johan Sæbø

August 2019 curriculum vitae

I was born in Rikshospitalet in Oslo on May 14, 1956. I graduated from high school at Hartvig Nissens skole, known from the TV series Skam, in 1974.

Here is a short version of my CV (updated February 2021):

Kjell Johan Sæbø was born on May 14, 1956, in Oslo. After studying languages and mathematics at the University of Oslo, he obtained his PhD there in 1986. He was employed as a researcher in linguistics and computational linguistics at the universities of Constance and Tübingen, Germany, in 1984 and in 1987-88. In 1989 he became Associate Professor and in 1996 Professor of German linguistics at the University of Oslo. In 1997-99 and 2002-03 he was in charge of the PhD program in languages and linguistics at this university.

Photo taken at age 50

Sæbø has published widely on a range of topics in theoretical linguistics, particularly semantics. He has participated in several European and Scandinavian projects in semantics and pragmatics, such as DANDI (Dialogue and Discourse), DYANA-2 (Dynamic Interpretation of Natural Language) and NORDSEM (Comparative Semantics for Nordic Languages). Sæbø has given invited talks at various international conferences and symposia, such as the 39th Annual Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, the 15th Sinn und Bedeutung conference in 2010 and the 6th Semantics and Philosophy conference in Saint Petersburg 2013. He led the organization of the 12th Sinn und Bedeutung conference in Oslo 2007, and he served on the program committee of the 2009 European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI) in Bordeaux. Sæbø is a regular reviewer for the Amsterdam Colloquium, the Sinn und Bedeutung conference and the conference Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT), as well as a frequent reviewer for journals like Linguistics and Philosophy and Journal of Semantics.

In autumn 2013, Sæbø taught undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Chicago.

At his home university, Sæbø has initiated and run a number of research seminars and colloquia in linguistics, and he has supervised many successful PhD projects, spanning a wide field of languages and subdisciplines, such as: Lexicography and the pragmatics of legal language, discourse structure and translation, aspect in Norwegian, aspect in Russian, word order and information structure in Ancient Greek, word order and information structure in Italian, information structure and quantifier scope in Italian. Sæbø has served on doctoral and habilitation committees in France, the Netherlands and Spain.

From 2014 through 2019, Sæbø was a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for General Linguistics (ZAS) in Berlin, and an Associate Editor of Semantics and Pragmatics, a platinum open access journal of the Linguistic Society of America. From 2015 through 2019, he was an adjunct professor of linguistics at the Arctic University of Norway.

From October 2019, Louise McNally and Kjell Johan Sæbø have been Co-Editors in Chief of Semantics and Pragmatics.